DeForrest Brown Jr. (a.k.a Speaker Music), will debut on Planet Mu with a new full-length album, of desire, longing.

DeForrest Brown, Jr. is an outspoken theorist, journalist, curator, visual artist, and musician. He often collaborates with his partner Ting Ding, a visual designer who co-runs the sustainable gender-flexible apparel line HECHA / 做.

Speaker Music, his music project is inspired by “Rhythmanalysis,” a book of essays by urbanist philosopher Henri Lefebvre as well as considerations of vibe, momentum, and the “chronopolitical” in Black music as defined by British cultural theorist Kodwo Eshun.

of desire, longing is described as “a time-based release meant to fill both sides of the vinyl completely,” thus “working against the quick turnover rate of the current track-based standard of the streaming economy.” Through his empathetic “touching of frequencies,” DeForrest Brown Jr. unveils a romantic abstraction of sonic narratives that “recalls previous innovations” by electronic and jazz musicians such as Les McCann, Urban Tribe, and James Stinson.

DeForrest Brown, Jr. will be presenting a curated event entitled “drape over another” at the New York art institution Artists Space on Friday, December 13. He’ll be launching the release of his album as well as sharing a booklet written with Ting Ding related to the album.


A. with empathy
B. without excess

of desire, longing is out on December 6, with an excerpt, titled “a finesse,” streaming below.