Dutch electronic producer Jochem Paap has made a career of reinvention. Recording as Speedy J since 1990, the Rotterdam-born musician has had several pioneering moments, including his break-through 1992 single, “Pull Over,” on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 label, and headlining the 2008 DEMF Festival in Detroit. Paap’s albums, G Spot (1993), Ginger (1995), Public Energy No. 1 (1997), and others have elegantly mapped dance music’s changes over the years, incorporating minimal, ambient, acid, and other techno motifs in approachable compositions.

Paap is now launching several new creative endeavors, including a tour, new label, single, and sound library. His new digitally released single, “Red Shift,” indicates his latest musical phase and introduces the Electric Deluxe imprint, which Paap describes as “a platform for artists operating within any conceivable genre in the broad spectrum of techno who wish to fully explore and embrace the ever-expanding technological possibilities.”

To these possibilities, Paap has officially released a vast sound library for Native Instruments users in conjunction with Fixed Noise software company. Paap’s Kreate sound library (MSRP $199) includes drum kits, individual hits/tones, loops, sequencer-based instruments, effects, and 500 instruments mapped out in Native Instrument’s Kontakt Player 2. Paap sees the collection as another way to collaborate with other DJs and artists, as well as add to the creative pool.

Paap has collaborations with Chris Liebing, George Issakidis, and more coming up, as well as tour dates throughout the summer and fall.

08/14 Calabria, Italy: Vecchia Fattoria
08/31 Florence, Italy: Mugello Dance Festival
10/06 Malta: TBA
10/07 Heerlen, Netherlands: Enorm Festival
10/12 Milan, Italy: Amnesia Club
10/20 Cremona, Italy: Cosmo Night
11/29 Amsterdam, Netherlands: Electric Deluxe Presents 3
12/27 Nijmegen, Netherlands: Planet Rose Invites