Spencer Clark will release his next album as Typhonian Highlife.

Belgium-based Californian experimentalist Spencer Clark is known for his work as one half of The Skaters, and more recently for running the Pacific City imprint and sub-labels. A specialist in trippy, mind-bending musical journeys, his latest releases have been alongside Jan Anderzen as Tarzana, as well as crafting a few colorful solo projects.

Next up is a full-length from his Typhonian Highlife project, The World of Shells, which will drop via Kraak Records. According to Clark himself, the LP’s origins follow on from 2014’s Pinhead In Fantasia, which was a response to monsters arriving in his dreams; The World of Shells was also inspired by events in the non-waking state, when a visitor instructed him “to ‘animate a mask’ through the act of ‘protoplasmic progression.'” Naturally, the 40 minute recording is made up of far-out, experimental jams, dedicated to turning that imagination into reality.

Also in the pipeline is a new release on Clark’s Pacific City Sound Visions—Frank Dommert’s Kiefermusik LP. The record, which originally dropped back in 1990, is made up of surreal and cut-up collage music made from tapes.

The World of Shells is due out October 20. Pre-order it at Juno.


01. Chitahoori Training Tape
02. The Startled Gaze Of The Chitahoori
03. Nyangani Warp Speeds
04. Symphosodon Nasty Boys
05. Nano-Zootypes In A Tenctonese Exhibition Tank
06. Wah Wah Day Gecko Gecco
07. Zenith Umbaba-Xeno
08. Oracle Of Egret