Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, is practically a household name in the music industry, and he should be after a decade of producing music, constantly maturing his artistic touch, and cultivating an ever-growing fanbase that includes The Neptunes and Thom Yorke. His tenth album then, comes to record stores as a celebration of sorts. Hello Everything sees Jenkinson continuing to experiment with his stockpile of electronic bleeps, clicks, and melodies, but combining them in much simpler ways than some of his previous releases. It’s a slightly mellower and simpler listen, but nonetheless another fine achievement for Jenkinson.

Hello Everything is out October 16, 2006 on Warp

Tracklisting 1. Hello Meow
2. Theme From Sprite
3. Bubble Life
4. Planetarium
5. Vacuum Garden
6. Circlewave 2
7. Cronecker King
8. Rotate Electrolyte
9. Welcome To Europe
10. Plotinus
11. The Modern Bass Guitar
12. Orient Orange