Static Discos will celebrate its 100th release with a one-track collaboration from label heads Murcof and Fax

100 is described by the Mexico label as an “invitation to close our eyes and listen deeply for 100 seconds, far from all the digital detritus that absorbs us everyday.” 

Murcof and Fax founded Static Discos in 2002 alongside Ejival, and the label has since released music from Mexico’s most important electronic producers, including Murcof, Fax, Cubenx, Childs, Duopandamix, Machino, Carrie, and newcomers like Camille Mandoki, Microhm, Gaspar Peralta, and Braulio Lam.

Fax’s most recent release is The Changing Landscape via Static Discos, while Murcof’s latest is Lost in Time via Glacial Movements.



100 is out on April 26 on all digital platforms, with clips below. 

Fax & Ejival