Steffi has revealed details for her second full-length, which will see release via Berlin outpost Ostgut Ton this fall. The Dutch producer (full name Steffi Doms) is a longstanding resident at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, responsible for procuring last year’s Panorama Bar 05 mix, as well as a recent collaborative EP with Martyn as Doms & Dykers.

As Resident Advisor reports, her forthcoming The Power of Anonymity takes a more dancefloor-directed approach than her last, more “conceptual” full-length for the label. “I wanted to start working on my new album without any personal or external expectations and I was seeking an emancipated, unshackled approach in the album’s construction,” Doms is quoted as saying. “After almost 20 years I got the feeling that I’ve come full circle, so I wanted to make an album that I, as a DJ, would like to carry in my record bag.”

The Power of Anonymity spans the length of 10 tracks and features one collaboration, “Treasure Seeking,” for which Steffi reunites with Dexter and frequent collaborator Virginia on vocals. The LP arrives on November 10 as a CD and double vinyl release; tracklists for both formats can be found below. For those in Berlin, a record release party will be held at Berghain/Panorama Bar on November 8.

01. Pip
02. Everyday Objects
03. Selfhood
04. Power Of Anonymity
05. Bag Of Crystals
06. Hard Hitting Horizon
07. Bang For Your Buck
08. JBW25
09. Treasure Seeking feat. Dexter & Virginia
10. Fine Friend

A1. Pip
A2. Everyday Objects
A3. Fine Friend
B1. Selfhood
B2. Power Of Anonymity
C1. Bag Of Crystals
C2. Hard Hitting Horizon
D1. JBW25
D2. Treasure Seeking feat. Dexter & Virginia
D3. Bang For Your Buck