Steffi is up next in our Ask the Experts series.

It’s not necessary to divulge too much in this introduction, for regular readers of XLR8R will likely be familiar with her work. She has, after all, appeared on the site several times over recent years, with a contribution to our podcast series and two in-depth interviews—one focused on the launch of live set, the other alongside Dexter discussing the relaunch of their Klakson label. So we’ll keep this brief profile as short as possible; if you wish to know more, check our feature here.

Having spent a decade spinning in Amsterdam, Steffi moved to Berlin in 2007 to begin a residency at Panorama Bar. She’s since earned a reputation as a real DJ’s DJ—widely acclaimed for both her technical proficiencies and ability to deliver the right record at the right time. And her affiliations with the Berlin club do not end there: the majority of her productions, including two solo LPs—namely 2011’s Yours & Mine and 2014’s Power Of Anonymity—have landed on its in-house record label, Ostgut Ton. She soon set return to the imprint with a third LP, World Of The Waking State, which was “created in a period when she found herself free of the past and settled more comfortably in her own skin,” resulting in a record that’s more experimental than previous efforts.

Elsewhere, Steffi has co-produced another LP with Virginia, with Analogue Cops as Third Side, and she collaborated as Doms & Deykers on Martyn’s 3024 label. She also continues to serve up quality electro and techno via two labels: Klakson and Dolly, which has two sub-labels. All releases, as Steffi explained, are rolled out with little or no promotion, leaving the listeners to determine what is good and what isn’t. Most recently, however, she mixed the 94th fabric mix, calling on some close friends and collaborators to produce tracks “with a certain mindset,” which she then weaved together and subsequently released via Dolly Deluxe.

So we now want to invite your questions.

Whether it be playing live, production, label management or anything else, all questions should be sent to [email protected] with “Steffi” as the subject line. We’ll pass them along to Steffi who will then select her favorites, and soon we’ll publish her answers.