Steffi is set to release a four-part 12″ series called Dollydeluxe featuring material from her upcoming fabric 94 mix CD.

For fabric 94, which we recently reviewed, Steffi chose to commission all the tracks exclusively. The curated group of close friends and collaborators—which included Answer Code Request, Voiski, Dexter, and Privacy, plus herself and Martyn—were guided to produce tracks “with a certain mindset,” which Steffi has molded and weaved together. Now, the Dollydeluxe series will see the release of this music.

It’ll come as a four-part set featuring all 15 tracks from the mix as well as two exclusives—Mesak’s “Elekieli” and an extra track from STFSHD, Steffi’s collaboration with Shed.

All four records are due out on June 19.



01. STFSHD “1.0”
02. STFSHD “1.5”
03. L.u.c.a. “Echo 1”
04. Doms And Dekyers “No Life On The Surface” (12-inch Version)
05. Unbalance “Freedom”


01. Answer Code Request “Forking Path”
02. Voiski “Sound Of Distance”
03. Dexter “66”
04. 214 “Sound Moments”


01. UAS “World Gets Crazy”
02. Late Night Approach “Poison Valley”
03. Duplex “Voidfiller”
04. Mesak “Commonaukko”


01. Privacy “Broke”
02. Dexter & Virginia “Off The Beat”
03. Afik Naim “Saturniidae”
04. Mesak “Elekieli”

Dollydeluxe 1-4 is scheduled for on June 19 release via Dolly.