Ghent trio Steiger will drop their second album, Give Space, via Sdban Ultra on September 14.

In an attempt to explore how space can influence and affect music, Give Space was recorded at seven different locations, with “the music composed to fit and fight these locations within a dialogue of acoustics, atmospheres, and appetition.” Field recordings and sounds from each location were recorded and became an important part of the process as the band looked to break the pattern of classical studio practices, as they explain: 

“It is this aspect, space, and the influence of space on music that we, as musicians, find very inspiring and would like to go deeper on the basis of extensive research. Since a classical studio always strives for the best, most comfortable acoustics, the influence of such a space on the music can often be reduced to one kind of sound and environment in which the music develops. We want to break this classical pattern and strive for live recordings without an audience, whereby we create a sound of each location depending on the space and / or location.”

With influences spanning jazz, rock, pop, classical, and electronic music, Steiger’s music defies categorization. Across the eight-tracks on the album, the band meld a confounding mix of free-flowing rhythms, piano lines, and sound design into inspired walls of sound. 

The first taste of the album, “Captain Hooker,” can be heard below, with pre-order options here.