German producer Stephan Bodzin is ready to destroy every single club in the world with his first full-length Liebe Ist, out this spring on his own Herzblut label. Bodzin spent years composing pieces for several respected European theaters, but now he generally spends time crushing techno-dork skulls with sludgy bass, Moog textures, and ear-piercing melodies. His tracks have been released on labels such as Get Physical, and he regularly collaborates as part of Elektrochemie with Oliver Huntemann.

Bodzin’s music owes a great debt to both Depeche Mode’s dark electronics and James Holden’s fluttering polyrhythms. Born in 1969, Bodzin’s age shows, and thank God for that. While far too many skinny British art students are busy pretending that Klaxons have anything to do with groups like Orbital, Bodzin isn’t afraid to spit out real fucking rave anthems.

For those who have no fear of long, repetitive grooves that propel as much as they perplex, and hurt as much as they hug, find solace within.

Liebe Ist is out in early May on Herzblut.


1. Mondfahrt
2. Planet Ypsilon
3. Liebe ist …
4. Fahrenheit
5. Turbine
6. Luka-Leon
7. Kerosene
8. Sonnenwind
9. Meteor
10. Leuchtkraft
11. Vendetta