DJ-producer Steve Bicknell—co-founder of the Lost London club night—is set to return to the fray with the Modes of Thought EP.

Comprising three full tracks and six locked groove loops, the record also represents the debut release on Bicknell’s brand new label, 6dimensions. Future releases will come from Metro Skim, The Evader, as well as more material from Bicknell himself.

Outlining the concept behind the new label, Bicknell describes 6dimensions as an exploration into balance and imbalance of the human mind’s natural make-up, love, fear, joy, hatred, boredom and sexuality. Envisioning it in terms of a wider platform than a mere label, 6dimensions has been set up as “an outlet for creatives, a platform for expression without boundaries, presented and revisited in various creative mediums whether that be music, installations, events, audio stories, soundscapes, field recordings, visual art, performance, etc.” It will be a place where “each creative can question their own or other’s dimensions, focus on balance and imbalance, question the conscious and subconscious, fully immerse themselves to create from within by following feelings rather than the mind, evading what can be known as misguided teachings.”


A1 / 1. Harmonious Balance
A2 / 2. The Moment I Stopped
B1 / 3. Messenger Molecules
B2 / 4. Behaviour Patterns – Lock 1
B3 / 5. Behaviour Patterns – Lock 2
B4 / 6. Behaviour Patterns – Lock 3
B6 / 7. Early Warning – Lock 1
B7 / 8. Early Warning – Lock 2
B8 / 9. Early Warning – Lock 3

Modes of Thought EP is scheduled for November 11 release.