German techno innovator Stefan Brügesch (a.k.a. Steve Bug) delivers a dancefloor-worthy mix to Belgian club Fuse’s DJ mix series Fuse Presents this spring.

Brügesch–an innovator in the minimal techno scene as well as head of Poker Flat Recordings–keeps this installment dark, though not specifically geared towards techno purists who like to stand in dimly lit rooms nodding their heads. Rather, this edition of Fuse Presents will appeal to a wider crowd of dance-music lovers, with classics like the Chicago house-style “Problem #13” by Johnny Dangerous and several electro numbers.

Fuse Presents Steve Bug is out April 17, 2007 on Music Man.

1. Plasmik “Eight to Nine”
2. Pier Bucci “Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)”
3. Namito “Joujou (Martin Ladsky Remix)”
4. Johnny Dangerous “Problem #13 (Beat That Bitch)
5. Seph “Dash (Hearthrob’s Acid for Bongo Interpretation)”
6. Guido Schneider “Halo”
7. Efdemin “Iohn & Brot”
8. Mikael Stravöstrand “No Turning Back” feat. Big Bully
9. Steve Bug “Wet”
10. Guido Schneider “Transmissions (Bets ‘N’ Bluffs Edit)” feat. Florian Schirmacher
11. Foremost Poets “Reasons to be Dismal? (Beyondsight Version)”
12. Square One “Vesuvius (Justin Martin’s ‘I Hope it Doesn’t Blow’ Mix)
13. MyMy “Moneybowl
14. Bangana “Skrik (Dub)”
15. Move D “Anne Will (Vincenzo Remix)”
16. Rhythim is Rhythim “The Dance (Living Room Mix)”