Steve Moore and AE Paterra will release 2020, their seventh studio album as Zombi.

2020 showcases the songwriting prowess that has pushed the duo of Moore (synthesizers, guitars, bass) and Paterra (drums) to evolve throughout their storied, 20 year career. While previous releases have seen the pair build upon and expand their sound, now they’re staying true to their ethos “more than ever.”

From the dramatic opener “Breakthrough & Conquer” to the melodic bass whirls found in “XYZT,” 2020 proves to be Zombi’s most “riff-intensive album,” Relapse Records, the label explains. What begins as “a soundtrack of driving musical euphoria,” 2020 takes a sharp turn into “uncharted waters,” where synthwave and neon crescendos are furloughed in favor of Blue Oyster Cult-inspired progressive epics.”

Zombi’s roots lie in Pittsburgh, United States in 2000. Their last album, was Shape Shift, came in 2015, also on Relapse.


01. Breakthrough & Conquer
02. Earthscraper
03. No Damage
04. XYZT
05. Fifth Point Of The Pentangle
06. Family Man
07. Mountain Ranges
08. First Flower
09. Thoughtforms

2020 LP is out on vinyl and digitally on July 17. Meanwhile, you can stream “Breakthrough & Conquer” below, and pre-order here.

Art | Curt Gettman