Here at XLR8R, we’re often asking visual artists what they listen to while working, and it seems the folks over at Incase harbor similar curiosities. So, when commissioning L.A.-based Steven Harrington to participate in its Curated by Arkitip collaborative series, which it conducts with L.A.-based art magazine Arkitip, the accessory company also asked him to create a mix from music in his collection.

The Bang-Ga-Wrong mix proves that he likes his Jamaican sounds. The artist and designer culled from his personal collection to deliver a 45-minute mix of dancehall, dub, and roots reggae that includes names like Cocoa Tea, Barrington Levy, Gregory Issacs, and other greats. Download the whole thing for free at the Incase blog.

Fans of Harrington’s visual art (who also happen to use Macs), can snag a new Macbook computer case and/or iPhone case here.

01 Intro (’Original Sound’)
02 Eccelton Jarrett, ‘Turn On The Heat’
03 Cocoa Tea, ‘Young Lovers’
04 Conroy Smith, ‘Original Sound’
05 Courtney Melody, ‘Screechie Across The Border’
06 Pinchers, ‘Agony’
07 Little Jon, ‘Fade Away’
08 Admiral Bailey, ‘Big Belly Man’
09 Drum Break (’Whats Going On’)
10 Al Fingers, ‘Whats Going On (Truth & Rights Remix)’
11 Ecceltron Jarrett, ‘Rock Them One By One’
12 Break (’Cuss Cuss’)
13 Barrington Levy, ‘Here I Come’
14 Roots Radics, ‘Cuss Cuss’
15 Anthony B, ‘Warrior’
16 Barrington Levy, ‘Come’
17 Augustus Pablo, ‘Java’
18 Barrington Levy, ‘Murderer’
19 Flourgon, ‘Jump Spread Out’
20 Keith & Tex, ‘Stop That Train’
21 Gregory Issacs, ‘Night Nurse’ + Harry J All Starts, ‘Liquidator’
22 Junior Delgado, ‘Sons Of Slaves’
23 Upsetters, ‘Flashing Echo’
24 Daddy Lizard, ‘Run Girl Run’ + Black Uhuru, ‘Happiness’
25 White Mice, ‘Youths Of Today’
26 Outro (’Youths Of Today’ + ‘Original Sound’)