Just off the release of its latest compilation of Chicago house tracks, Jerome Derradji’s Still Music label has announced a new collection of contemporary Detroit techno, house, and soul. Back in 2005, Still Music first mined the peak era of Detroit music with its In the Dark: In the Soul of Detroit compilation, and with this new incarnation, the imprint hopes to show where Detroit stands today. A press release for the forthcoming In the Dark: Detroit is Back describes the 24-track offering as “a journey through Detroit’s basement clubs, studios, and warehouses, an uncompromising view of one of the most progressive music cities in the world.” With a tracklist consisting new music from prominent names such as Terrence Dixon, Marcellus Pittman, DJ 3000, and Rick Wilhite, among many others, In the Dark: Detroit is Back appears set to be a thorough exploration of a scene that seems to grow more elegant and forward-thinking with age. Still Music will release the compilation as a two-disc CD and triple-vinyl pacakge on October 29, but before then, its tracklist can be found below.

Disc 1
1. Craig Huckaby – The Answer Feat Kelly Hayes
2. Alex Israel – Bubble Wrap 106
3. Reggie Dokes – Cyber Love
4. Patrice Scott – Cosmic Rituals
5. Gabbamonkey – 2 Pace Back
6. Delano Smith feat. Diamondancer – A Message For The Dj
7. Todd Modes – I’d Rather Be With You
8. Patchworks – Celebration Amp Fiddler Rmx
9. Mike “Agent X” Clark – Free your mind
10. Raybone Jones & Jon Easley – As She Moves
11. Rick Wilhite – Magic Water St Jean remix
12. Tony Ollivierra – Hemoglobin Jerome Derradji Acid Mix

Disc 2
1. Marcellus Pittman – Make It Work
2. Alex Israel – Cash Neutral
3. Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.1
4. Keith Worthy – Cyclops
5. DJ 3000 – Faygo
6. Gerald Mitchell – Strongholds
7. Terrence Dixon – The Fall Guy Pt.2
8. Gabbamonkey – Underlying Dreams
9. Tony Ollivierra- Hemoglobin
10. D.L. Jones feat. Amp Fiddler – Lonely
11. Delano Smith- Inception Dub
12. Gerald Mitchell – Fly Like Eagles