Best known as Brainfeeder‘s resident live visual artist, Strangeloop has recently released his second A/V endeavor for FlyLo’s imprint, entitled Fields. This time around, Strangeloop matches his otherworldly visuals with much less beat-oriented music, and instead delving into sparser sounds, characterized by lush soundscapes and meandering synth lines. Not unsurprisingly, much of Fields was inspired by an “altered state of consciousness,” during which Strangeloop, “heard a composition which he tried to recreate directly after, resulting in a fluctuating subliminal epic in three sprawling and unique movements: 1. Plants Inside 2. Ghostlines and 3. Becoming Fields. The three tracks correspond to three movements within a psychedelic trip, of initial birth/constellation, then death/dissolution, then finally a transcendental union of both.” To get a better grasp of what that all means, we suggest you check the preview video below, or head over to Fields-TV, the project’s interactive web experience (from which we pulled the above image).

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