A mixed version of the Fábel Meets Mr. Cotton EP (which was released last December on Mike Shannon’s Haunt Music), is now available to stream.

A sub-label of Cynosure, Haunt Music is dedicated to exploring the more experimental side of dancefloor electronics, with a discography that includes music by the likes of Horror Inc., DeWalta and The Mole. Having released the full-length LP Sinestesia via the label last year, Fábel returned with the Fábel Meets Mr. Cotton EP soon after, which experimented with a darker side of production. According to the label, he crafted “a dialogue between his two musical personalities,” resulting in an end product that tread the boundaries between jazz, IDM, glitch, dub, and electronica.

You can now stream a full mixed version of said EP below, for the first time online. The unmixed release is available to purchase through iTunes.