Bok Bok (pictured above) has teamed up with Night Slugs newcomer Sweyn Jupiter on a new single, “Papaya Lipgloss.” The double a-side single is billed as “a song about young love” and shows a somewhat softer side to label co-founder Bok Bok than seen on his 2014 EP, Your Charizmatic Self, with Jupiter’s keyboard work helping set the tone. The single’s “Club Mix” version is said to borrow from the “sweltering rhythms” of tribal house, while “Papaya Lipglossā€”Sour Mix” takes the form of “an opulent bedroom jam, complete with quaking kick drums and purring Moog bassline.”

The “Papaya Lipgloss” single is due out in digital and 12″ formats on March 17; for now, Bok Bok’s and Sweyn Jupiter’s “Papaya Lipgloss (Club Mix)” can be streamed in full below.