Following the acclaimed releases of Ayrton Senna and Subiza, in 2009 and 2010 respectively, Barcelona-based Delorean return with “Crystal,” their first release since 2013’s Apar.

“Crystal” was recorded in the band’s studio at the start of the year, mixed by Alex Ferrer (who also worked on Ayrton Senna) and features backing vocals from Hanin Zueiter.

“We’d been working on new music for a while and wanted to release something for the summer and include a couple of new tracks in the live show. “Crystal” came about quite naturally and it was great to work with Alex again on the mixing. We also have a new track coming out later in the month which is more of a b-side and different to “Crystal.” In the meantime we’re working away in the new album and really excited with the music that we’re doing and can’t wait to share with everyone.” – Delorean

“Crystal,” which can be streamed in full below, is scheduled for release on June 23 (digital only) via Delorean’s own label PHLEX ahead of a new album which is planned for release in early 2016.