Dialogue Vol. 1, the first ever vinyl release from Ben Gomori‘s Monologues Records imprint, is a refreshing and funky compilation from Melon (a.k.a Je Dàvu), UffeThorsteinssøn, and Ponty Mython. The release has recently caught the attention of respected electronic artists from all over the globe including Maya Jane Coles, Danny Tenaglia, Shadow ChildChaos In The CBDGolf Clap and many more, Monolouges has started to evolve from being an admired podcast series towards becoming a noteworthy purveyor of fresh new music.

Having been released on April 24, Monologues has graciously offered up the compilation cut “Still Afraid Of Bats” from the Vilnius hotshot Ponty Mython. Deep and cute at the same time, this light-headed and canorous jam is bound to make a friendly impression on whoever crosses its path.

You can stream the track in full below.

You can purchase Dialogue Vol. 1 by going here.