Today, BL_K Noise imprint will release Instinct and Memory, the latest LP from Surachai.

Made up of eight mechanical soundscapes, Instinct and Memory sits somewhere in the vast analog noise realm, but it’s also an album that showcases the Chicago producer’s knack for crafting powerful and intricate rhythms and droning atmospheres. Like most of Surachai’s work, the sounds on the LP are conjured from a deep knowledge and relationship with machines, machines that in this case sound like they are let off the leash to run wild across a desolate, apocalyptic sonic landscape.

The label on which Instinct and Memory will be released, was conceived by the two long-time collaborating artists as a means to release art free from convention and restrictions. With a focus on the physical form, namely vinyl, each release involves the artist in every step and strives to strengthen the relationship between visual art and music.

Out today, you can stream Instinct and Memory in full via the player below, with the release available for purchase here