Giorgio Luceri has consistently delivered genre-defying records since 2011 when he released a four-track soulful slow-burner called the 6D22EP for On the Prowl Records. Now with over 10 releases under his belt—on labels like Zurich’s deepArtSounds and the horror label Giallo Disco—Luceri will return to Mathematics with a new project under the 6D22 alias called I Know U Have Wings.

The EP saw a limited, colored-vinyl release last October that was kept to only 100 copies. The full vinyl release is now seeing the light of day and includes a black edition of the record with printed sleeve. The EP features four original productions that speak to the heart of Detroit techno, easily resonating with the early 90’s sound of labels like Carl Craig‘s Planet E or the Transmat sub-label, Fragile. XLR8R recently spoke with Luceri about the new record as 6D22 and here is what the producer had to say:

With all of the records that you have released in the last four years under your own name, what motivated you to produce under an alias?

The acronym 6D22 was a type of signature that was present during a debut release in Brooklyn via On the Prowl Records in 2011 (whole EP was called “6D22”). It was a code that I dedicated to few tracks since I wanted the release to be more oriented to an “out of the box” concept. “6D22” is one of the faces that helps me represent myself in my wider vision of music making. I use to produce most of my records with an ethereal and melodic approach and when it comes to house music I plan on using my own name but in the last year I have chosen to differentiate my musical output by using these diffrent faces. I want to produce and give names to these different faces. For example, my Garofano Rosso release via Giallo Disco Records was my first record under that alias this year.

6D22 is different from the previous releases. Hardwax described the debut release as ‘Detroit-leaning techno,’ and most of influences behind the project came from techno music, but 6D22 is not a tribute or just a techno project, it’s a way to show another side. Most people still don’t know this alias. No rules behind it, no trends, I’m just producing what I love.

I U Have Wings has a very warm and rich sound to it. What were the first instruments you gravitated towards when making this new EP?

The whole EP was recorded during both the end of 2014 and March of 2015. I used the Korg Poly 800 for bells and pads, Roland Juno 106 and JX-8P for bass lines, and a Microkorg for strings and leads. For the drums, I used the 808 and 909 sounds from the Roland TR-8 and few sounds from Yamaha RX-5.

I used lots of channels that passed through an Alesis 3630 while the FXs came from an Alesis Quadraverb. The album was mixed on Mackie 8 bus desk and sequenced by Logic software. I still love to work with digital synths and most records I’ve done under my own name used D-50 from Roland and Korg M1, but tracks with 6D22 use another combo. The best instrument any producer has is a narrative in what you are trying to say, trying to tell a story. As I’ve done in every release, I produce tracks with different stories from the private side of my life.

What is the next release we can expect from 6D22?

At the moment the next release is on the way and a third EP is in production. The next 6D22 release will be out in mid 2016 with one of the most important collaborations of my path indefinitely. I’ll announce it at the proper time.

You can grab a vinyl copy of I Know U Have Wings right now by clicking this link, and you can find out more about Giorgio Luceri by visiting his website.