Photo: Vilma Larsson
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“If you see or hear something that is unexplainable, and you have no one there to share it with – what do you do?” This is the concept behind the beautifully emotive project Lulin—created by Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson who make up the Swedish duo Gidge. Working with the arts platform Norr and film production company Lampray, the duo has crafted a twenty-four minute film and a forty-two minute audio piece that revolves around the thoughts of a mystical being named Lulin who resides in the lonely woods near Umeå in Sweden.

You can watch the entire short film in the video player above. Streaming of this phantasmal and wintery album is available via SoundCloud in the player below.

Check out more from Gidge by visiting the duo’s SoundCloud page here.