As previously announced, Nick Höppner will release his second solo album on Ostgut Ton this coming summer, titled Work.

Work follows on from the Panorama Bar resident’s debut Folk LP in 2015, which itself followed nearly a decade of 12-inches and remixes for the Berlin-based imprint.

According to the label, the release sees Höppner connect “the territories of house music with the ease of alt-pop.” It, “more than ever, lays out his refined production skills and his talent to work the machines until they reveal their inner ghosts: nine new songs that now dodge the dancefloor, then fully embrace it.”


A1. All By Themselves (My Belle)
A2. Clean Living feat. Tram 78
B1. Fly Your Colours
B2. From Up And Down
C1. The Dark Segment
C2. Forced Resonance
D1. In My Mind
D2. Hole Head
D3. Three Is A Charm feat. Randweg

Ostgut Ton will release Workon June 9, with “Hole Head” streamable in full below.

The track, according to the label, pays tongue-in-cheek homage to Höppner’s love for UK club music, when a dashing melody of synths and vibraphone is matched with clattering breaks and syncopation.