Jorik Pronk and his flourishing Reclaim Your City label have announced their third installation in their devoted series that focuses on showcasing talents from techno-centric regions across the globe. Pinned on the map for this release are Dnepr, Ukraine and Vancouver, Canada.

This strong and distinguished release from Reclaim Your City is dedicated to long time companion and supporter of the label, Max_M, who passed away just two months ago. Other than being the label owner of M_REC LTD, Max has been a close companion, collaborator and supporter of Jorik Pronk and his imprint. During the last years they teamed up together to support and celebrate the underground techno around the globe with admirable passion and dedication.


A1 Yan Cook – Hacked

A2 Subforms – Omut

A3 Stanislav Tolkachev – Follow me

B1 Kafka – Burr

B2 The Automatic Message – Perihelion

B3 Quest – Sidewinder (Digital Only)

Ahead of the EPs October 6 release, XLR8R spoke with label owner Jorik Pronk with Yan Cook’s track exclusively available to stream in full below.

How has the concept of Reclaim Your City changed since its inception?

Reclaim Your City started as a weekly broadcast radio show on the Dutch-based XT3 Radio. The main idea behind the concept is to share underground techno music by showcasing known and unknown talent from across the globe.

The concept and broadcast of the radio show is now three years old and will remain the same. Every Saturday 8PM (CET) a new artist will be featured representing their city. After two years we were then presented with the opportunity to take matters to the next level and establish a label using its concept as a platform.

The third EP on Reclaim Your City is dedicated to Max_M, who passed away earlier this summer. What was your relationship to Max? 

Of course we were all completely stunned by the news of Max passing away. Max was a close friend and was responsible for all of the label’s artwork. One of the kindest, warmest and nicest guys around was taken away from us way too soon. This man was loved by so many and a true example for many of us.

How do you select and combine cities for each release on the label? What is the main goal of this unique format?

Choosing cities for each release is kind of random but each city is chosen for its significance and expertise on the genre. For the first release it was easy to start with Berlin and Paris due to their rich history in underground techno, but also cities like Stockholm, Helsinki, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Tokyo, Milan etc. will be represented for their contributions. This often results in very diverse EP’s with no particular style. An open label with no rules, besides quality techno.