Ctrls is an artist somewhat indivisible from Token. All six of his EPs have come out via the label, melding turbo-charged rhythms with gritten, celestial synth-work. It therefore comes as no surprise that his latest Two Worlds EP is also scheduled for release via the Belgian imprint.


A / 1. Two Worlds

B / 2. Onto Them

Ahead of the EP’s September 11 release, XLR8R spoke briefly with Ctrls to learn more about the release, with title track “Two Worlds” streamable in full below.

What was the influence behind Two Worlds? This is not your typical style—what sparked your decision to go in a more atmospheric direction?
My primary influences were people who are better traditional musicians then I am. It made me want to try my hand at something sort of orchestral, but keep the cold future feel that I like. I’ve written some atmospheric stuff before, and I have wanted to work that into Ctrls since the beginning. But I’ve been looking for the right way to do it, and I finally found my method. From there I started thinking about different mindsets and the title and artwork followed naturally.

Do you think this is a beginning of a new chapter for you?
You could say that. I’ve learned a lot recently and met some interesting people—so I’m curious to see how it will affect my work.

Token seems to be home for you. How has the label helped guide your career to this point?
Kr!z generally knows exactly what he wants, so every Ctrls release has been worked over in detail. I feel very fortunate to have joined the label just as he was really ramping things up and I feel like I’ve benefitted a lot from his ambitions for the label, both as a DJ and a live performer. He just works really hard with a down to earth attitude, and that’s inspiring and acts as a great motivator.