Following up from their February 2015 Dance Abilities EP on Young Adults, Marvin & Guy are set to release Egoísta, their debut EP on Hivern Discs.

Egoísta sees the duo further expand their palette with three tracks that push the boundaries between the disco culture and a techno spirit.

“Egoísta” is a highly hypnotic joint driven by a warm analogue bassline and a spacey pad that has become a staple in John Talabot’s sets during the lasts months. “Canción (Para Tí)” manages to blend an italo arpeggio, a 303 bassline and pumping disco beat with a certain latin spirit to create a crushing dancefloor belter. “The Man who Lost the Hat” is an obscure trip builded around psychedelic synths, a rolling bassline and topped with spooky vocal samples.

Ahead of the EP’s release on June 8 via Hivern Discs, XLR8R spoke to Marvin & Guy to hear more about their inspirations for the release. Lead track “Egoísta” is streamable in full below.

Talk to me about your visions and inspirations for Egoísta. How did these differ from your ideas for your earlier EPs? Is there any particular motivation behind it? 

For Egoísta, we really tried to change our vision of making music because in this historical period doing disco edits is not enough and also because we wanted to have something more original – something more Marvin & Guy. Looking over the stereotypes of classic House Music, Techno, Disco and Boogie stuff, we had this idea to mix up all these genres to have that particular touch – but it was important that we remained instinctive at that moment. It wasn’t too studied.

You’re sound is very disco-orientated though mixed with touches of techno. How did you discover this sound? When the project was originally born in 2011, did you intend to create a unique sound, or was it very natural?

Today, it is very difficult to find a unique sound – almost impossible, we would say. But we didn’t try to create it. I think we have been helped by our age gap because we have two completely different visions of making music – a special mix between experience and freshness.

We love to call our style “Groovy Techno” actually. A fan from France coined this months ago after our Nuits Sonores‘ set in 2014. We really like that term.

Briefly describe to me the production processes behind Egoísta

This release, Egoísta, was particularly instinctive (as we previously said about our music). It was recorded almost one year ago and all the tracks started just from the percussions, not from the drums, and not from the bass – just those Toms or Claves, or Rimshots. Thats why we have that “Disco touch” – because first of all we think about percussions. From this stage, it takes a very short time to bring it to a happy ending. The curiosity about “Canción (Para Ti)” is that it was recorded from the bathroom, just to ensure we had an original reverb.