Venetian Snares (a.k.a.Aaron Funk) returns to experimental juggernaut Planet Mu later this month with a new, seven-track EP. The Canadian producer, who XLR8R tapped for our 20 Questions series last year, is frequently cited as a leading creative force in breakcore, IDM, and related microgenres. His forthcoming Your Face EP follows the 2014 album My Love is a Bulldozer, not to mention a raft of archival material recorded as Last Step.

Rather than issue a typical press release, Planet Mu has dispatched news of Funk’s latest EP with commentary by “three septuagenarians.” Quoted feedback includes: “Quite nice, sort of like dream music or something? I just can’t take all the big beats.”

Your Face lands on July 24, and EP cut “Your Face When I Finally” can be streamed below.

1 Your Face When I Finally
2 Former Eagle
3 Red Orange 2
4 Become Magic Dolphins
5 Stockpiles of Sentiment
6 Misericordial
7 Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)