On May 2, DEMENT3D will release the second EP from Bruxelles and Paris-based band Ligovskoï, titled Mana.

On the EP, the band craft dense soundscapes that are at once familiar, unsettling, and mysterious. The intricate sound design and beguiling nature of the music ensures a heightened listening experience, one in which aching melodies intertwine with frayed rhythms and fog-like textures. On the remix front, Abdulla Rashim, Peder Mannerfelt, Polar Inertia, and HMBT got the same route, with each artist opting for mind-bending, mostly ambient, interpretations of the originals.

The release, which runs like a coherent album rather than an EP and remixes, will drop on May 2 and precedes a forthcoming full-length from Ligovskoï. In the meantime, you can stream Abdulla Rashim’s remix in full via the player below.