ReviveHER sprang to life in 2010 as direct opposition to “the banal music and palpably stale sensation rife in clubland.” Since then, the collective has thrown some of the most innovative parties on the UK circuit. Artists such as Jackmaster, Prosumer, Young Marco, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Eddie C, Move D, and Mark E—the last four, interestingly, played together as a play on the MCDE accronym—have played the party, which has taken place in diverse locations like a Colombian restaurant, an old pier, and a former chocolate factory.

The next step for the collective was the launch of its label, also named ReviveHER. The first 12″ will arrive on October 10 courtesy of psychedelic band Sultan Shakes, with remixes from Rub n Tug, Young Marco, Matthew Herbert protégé Crewdson, and the in-house ReviveHER production team. In celebration of the release, the collective, naturally, threw a 16-hour, all-day-and-night party headed up by Sultan Shakes, Young Marco, and Rub n Tug who played a rare B2B2B session.

The 12″ vinyl drops October 10 and can be preordered over at Deejay, with the digital release arriving on October 21. To give you a taste, you can stream Rub n Tug’s twisted acid remix in full via the player below.