Makam has shared an exclusive mixed version of his new album.

Than Sadet dropped on Dekmantel last week. It is Guy Blanken’s second full-length; an album that was inspired by a recent visit to Thailand. The Dutch producer has now shared an exclusive mixed version of the 14 tracks from the LP with XLR8R.

Stream the mix below. For more information on the album, click here. You can buy it at the Dekmantel store.


01. Chihuahuas
02. When Light Gives You Hope
03. Buddha’s Bridge
04. Stray Dog
05. Resort Abandoned
06. Than Sadet
07. Makarbar
08. Mr Singh
09. Riding High
10. Mai Pen Rai
11. Seven Kings
12. Thunder Drums
13. Romantic Blazer
14. Waves Of Than