The fledgling La Beauté Du Négatif imprint will issue its third release over the next few weeks, a V/A 12″ featuring cuts from Neel (a.k.a. Giuseppe Tillieci, who serves as one-half of the Voices from the Lake project alongside Donato Dozzy), Seattle artist J.Alvarez (a.k.a. 214), and Rawmance.

Simply titled V..A. 1, the three-track effort focuses on deeply textured and patiently elongated productions, with Neel’s “Snow in the Tube” stretching its echoed chords and dubby pulses beyond the five-minute mark, while J.Alvarez’s “Suncid” unrolls its lush chords, deep sub-bass, and reverb-soaked arpeggios over the course of nine minutes. Closed out by Rawmance’s crunchy “United Banlieues,” La Beauté Du Négatif’s upcoming 12″—which is expected to begin hitting stores this week and become widely available in January—can be streamed in full below.