On January 20, Driftless Recordings will release Andrew Abboushi‘s debut EP, Nahko.

The EP follows Abboushi’s “The Darkest Market,” a track released on Driftless’ compilation Driftless Ambient 2 and is inspired by artists such as CFCF, Clem Leek, and Tim Hecker. Abboushi’s journey to the release of Nahko was a mostly self-taught arc that included explorations of the piano, jazz, blues, classical, guitar, and ultimately, synthesis. Sonically rich, Nahko is an absorbing and contemplative listen that is informed by detailed sound design, texture, and the arts, as Abboushi explains:

“I’ve always been drawn to the open-air, monolithic, harmonically stout qualities of the amorphous genre known as ambient. I take a sound-design approach to composition, deriving structure from texture while navigating around anything overtly stylistic. I strive to inform my work with an appreciation of other crafts, from literature to architecture. Musically, I have great respect for artists who are able to incorporate energetic elements from electronic, dance and world music into their ambient compositions, most notably CFCF (Mike Silver) from Montreal. I also have a soft spot for artists who are able to stick to thematic development and use texture as a tool to create alluring sonic environments. A great example of this would be Clem Leek from the UK. I’m also a big supporter of the entire Driftless Recordings roster. I’ve been able to work on both of their ambient compilations and I think we will see a lot of great music from this label in the years to come.”

Ahead of the January 20 release, you can stream Nahko in full via the player below.