Today, Liverpool artist Stu Robinson (a.k.a. ASOK) drops his debut full-length offering, A Mind Forever Voyaging, on Creme Organization.

As is the case with all of Robinson’s output, the LP is filled with dusty, left-field rhythms, chunky club cuts, and tender, synth-driven excursions which are all driven by the Scenery Records boss’ hardware collection, including the TB303, Elektron Analog RYTM, JX-8P, and a Microkorg—with some plugins and “a shit load of old rave samples” filling in the gaps. From its brutal drum-machine compositions to the beautifully floating ambient cuts, it’s as an accomplished debut as you are likely to hear and one that was recorded with a live, “one-take” mindset.

Following on from releases on M>O>S and Mistress, A Mind Forever Voyaging is available today on vinyl via via Godspill and digitally over at Creme Organization, with the full release also streaming in full via the player below.