After eight years immersed in songwriting and production, Dani Siciliano is set to return with her third solo LP, DANI SICILIANO. Ahead of the LP’s release on Circus Company, the lead single shines a light on one of the album’s undoubted highlights and offers it up for some intriguing dancefloor variations that nod to her house music roots.

Lead track,“I’m The Question,” revels in the playful and unconventional approach to pop that has always guided Dani’s music, and is given the remix treatment by rising Parisian house head Ben Vedren, building on his refined releases for Minibar and Concrete Music amongst others.

He brings a noticeably tough undercurrent to his version, using a driving bass-weighted drum set to carry artful slices of Dani’s vocals through a club-ready confection with carefully placed brushstrokes of warmth and melody.

Vedren also turns his hand to the Acapella Remix, stripping the production of the original track right back and replacing it with a simple rhythmic guidance to leave ample space for the vocals to stand on their own.

In advance of the EP’s March 18 release, “I’m The Question” (Ben Vedren Remix) can be streamed in full below.


A: I’m The Question
B1: I’m The Question (Ben Vedren Remix)
B2 : I’m The Question (Ben Vedren “Acapella” Remix)