Next Friday, May 5, Carl Craig will release his new album Versus, an adaptation of Craig’s techno masterpieces into powerful reimagined orchestral versions, on InFiné. Prior to its release, NPR’s First Listen is streaming Versus in full,

Versus originally premiered in 2008, with a unique live debut at La Cité de La Musique, Paris, where Carl Craig was joined by Les Siècles orchestra conducted by François-Xavier Roth, Moritz von Oswald, and Francesco Tristano, who arranged and orchestrated all the tracks. The performance, one of the first of its kind to combine electronic and classical composition, received five standing ovations and had over one million views online of the originally filmed recording.


01. Enter The Darkness
02. Darkness
03. Coding Sequence
04. Sandstorms
05. At Les
06. You’re Our Best And Only Friend
07. Desire
08. Barcelona Trist
09. The Melody
10. Domina
11. Error In Replication
12. C-Beams Glitter
13. Technology
14. Coding Cycle

Ahead of its May 5 release, you can stream the album in full here.