For the past thirteen years, Superfreq founders Mr. C, David Scuba, and Noel Jackson have been essential components in constructing a vibrant underground tech-house scene in London and Los Angeles. Organizing various events throughout its home cities and releasing a large volume of releases, the sound of Superfreq remains as an essential component of the underground electronic scene in the UK and US. The next artist to join this celebrated label’s family is Brazilian producer Click Box who has provided a heaving four-track EP Clock, which is set to drop on December 21. The EP also features two remixes from fellow techno associates Heartthrob and Troy Pierce (Items & Things/Minus).

The wheeling and cavernous release offers a blend of outlying minimal techno arrangements that dissipate and swell with an absorbing tones and utter dancefloor efficiency. You can stream Clock in full below and you can hear more from Superfreq by checking out their Soundcloud page here.