Archie Pelago are set to release its new EP this Friday on Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin’s label, Mister Saturday Night. The Clammy Customer EP will feature two tracks, and is available for pre-order now on the MSN records website.

Archie Pelago consists of Dan Hirshorn, Cosmo D and Kroba. The trio play instruments and make beats collectively. The A Side, Clammy Customer, takes dozens of twists and turns, weaving in vocals by the always excellent Gabriel Garzon-Montano; and the B Side, Madame Suede Nightshade, was created with the label in mind and pays homage to the label by using the same initials.

Mister Saturday Night also have plans to come to Los Angeles for a one-off MSN party hosted by Dig Deeper on August 14. You can also check out the dates for the next installment of the Summer daytime party series, Mister Sunday. Barring any further delays from the pressing plants, the vinyl release for Clammy Customer should be available as soon as this Friday. Pre-order EP over at the Mister Store by clicking here.

07.26 Mister Sunday: Industry City, NYC
08.02 Mister Sunday: Oval Space, London
08.09 Mister Sunday: Industry City, NYC
08.14 Mister Saturday Night: Dig Deeper, LA