Following contributions from the likes of DJ Koze, Actress, and MoodymanDâM-FunK will be the next artist to bestow his musical prowess and reflection to the esteemed DJ-Kicks series. Known all around the world for his multi-layered, G funk-laden style and adored in his native Los Angeles for his consistent contributions to the city’s nightlife and preferred sound, DâM-FunK can be credited with the revamping and revival of the sound that is now known as “Modern Funk.” In a press release, he explains the genre plainly by saying “Modern-Funk is a combination of all the sounds on the mix: Funk, Boogie, Electro, House, Modern-Soul, Ambient tones… a push and pull of nostalgia and progressiveness…”

DâM-FunK‘s contribution to the series is set to drop on May 27 via !K7 Records.

Ahead of its release in a couple of days, you can stream the full the mix by going to the !K7 website here.


01. Moon B – Oof
02. Nicci Gable – Close To Who?
03. Randell & Schippers – Love Jam
04. Verticle Lines – Theme From Beach Boy
05. Brandon – Suzy Hijack
06. Take Three – Tonite’s The Night (All Right)
07. Index – Starlight
08. Uncle Jams Army – Dial-A-Freak
09. Gemini – Log In
10. Nexus – Stand Up (Instrumental)
11. Reggie B – Poison Candy
12. L33 – Keepin It Tight
13. Gaussian Curve – Broken Clouds
14. Tony Palkovic – True To Yourself
15. Henning – Arrival / Departure
16. Nite-Funk – Can U Read Me?
17. DaM-FunK – Believer
18. True Design – I Wanna Break
19. Crystal Winds – Funk Ain’t Easy