Classically trained jazz musician Richard Ruttenberg and veteran DJ Peter Dutch (aka. Dutchie) are by no means newcomers to the music game. Together, they make up the newly formed tech house duo Delicate Droids who just recently dropped its debut EP, Orgasm Raygun, on Mr. C and David Scuba’s label, Superfreq.

For the past thirteen years, Superfreq mainstays Mr. C, David Scuba and Noel Jackson have been essential components in constructing a vibrant underground tech house scene in London. Organizing various events throughout the city and releasing a large volume of releases, the sound of Superfreq remains as an essential component of the underground electronic scene in the UK. Ruttenberg, who is a professional sound score writer, and Dutch, who has been spinning a wide variety of music since the 80’s, have come together to produce a four-track EP that is bound to help any late-night vibe endure. The basslines and abounding soundscapes scattered throughout its debut release showcases the pair’s expertise when it comes to constructing simple, yet compelling, tech house.

You can buy Delicate Droid’s Orgasm Raygun EP on Beatport, or stream the entire EP below. Be sure to check out more from the Superfreq family here.