Next week, prolific Sydney-based producer Dro Carey will be self-releasing his latest effort, the Vital Trails EP, and has given us the exclusive stream of its five tracks before they officially drop. Carey says he wanted to release an EP ahead of his forthcoming album for RAMP that would differentiate from his recent work under the Tuff Sherm handle. He further explains, “When you take away the techno and house influences funnelled into Sherm, what are you left with as far as Dro Carey goes? I decided the main threads leftover are UKG and hip-hop, and that’s where Vital Trails comes in.” He goes on to add, “Vital Trails is black, blistering, and [full of] singed sonics, anchored—more than ever, I think—by club rhythms and bass.” The full EP, which will see a release via Carey’s Bandcamp on April 2, can be streamed below.