Early next month, London-based New Zealand native Hugo Barritt will issue his Penumbra EP via fledgling UK label Construct—a four-track effort that can now be heard in full ahead of its release.

Barritt spends the first half of Penumbra constructing meticulous excursions into percussive house, with both the EP’s title track and the following “Peaking” utilizing layers of lively percussion which shake and rattle atop warm chords and subdued samples. The production pair of recent XLR8R podcast contributor Gerd Janson and Lauer (known together as Tuff City Kids) are enlisted to take over the record’s second half, delivering two ace reworks which lovingly hint at some decades-old dancefloor sounds.

Set to officially arrive on December 5 via Construct, Hugo Barritt’s Penumbra EP is streaming in full below.

1. Penumbra
2. Peaking
3. Penumbra (Tuff City Kids TDK 90 Mix)
4. Penumbra (Tuff City Kids Discorderama Mix)