Canadian producer Kevin McPhee is set to drop his Boris EP next week, a four-track effort of techno-fueled productions for the Hypercolour label. Before the record—McPhee’s first official release of 2014—drops on Monday, the entire EP can now be heard exclusively via XLR8R.

A former XLR8Rpodcast contributor, the Toronto-based McPhee has somewhat quietly built up an impressive discography in recent years, having released his brand of clacking, shuffling house via 3024, [NakedLunch], WNCL, Idle Hands, Brainmath, and Hypercolour’s Hype LTD label. On Boris, McPhee appears to take a few steps towards the techno side of the spectrum, with cuts like the opening “CC – XXX – YY – NNNNN” and closing effort “DD – YYY – ZZ – OOOOO” taking particularly strong-armed paths through intriguing atmospheres and vividly textured rhythms. Set to see its official release on June 9, Kevin McPhee’s forthcoming Boris EP can be streamed in full below.