LA beatmaker Glen Boothe (a.k.a. Knxwledge, Knx.) practically doesn’t stop working, but a sizable portion of his off-the-cuff remixes and quickly sketched productions don’t actually land on wax; he has a Bandcamp discography to rival the output of most veteran artists. Despite all of that music constantly making its way into the digital sphere, a physical release from Boothe is still something of an event, as the producer makes sure to save his choicest beats for the full-length records. The 18-track Kauliflowr will mark the second LP to come from Knxwledge via Dublin’s All City label when it drops on October 14, and we’re lucky enough to have the exclusive stream of that album a week before its release. Chock full of warped samples and blunted beatwork, Boothe’s latest full-length is yet another fine dispatch from a prolific artist who is constantly exploring the lineage of Southern California’s instrumental hip-hop tradition, never forgetting to add his own idiosyncratic touches into the mix. Kauliflowr can be heard in its entirety via the player below.