At the end of last month, Canadian artist Konrad Black released The Scorched Earth EP, his first solo release in 10 years, via Meander.

The EP is influenced by “our vast universe, deep space, spirit and consciousness,” and “the recent earth-bound meteorites and the blinding light that follows,” and is Black’s debut on Meander, the label run by DeWalta. Featuring three highly textural and atmospheric cuts, The Scorched Earth is very welcome return from the Wagon Repair co-founder.

Following The Scorched Earth, Black has an upcoming audio visual album project with Jeremy Shaw called There In Spirit, as well as remixes of Lopazz’ “HiTime” and Mathew Jonson’s “Decompression,” all scheduled for release in 2016.

The Scorched Earth is available now on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl over at Juno, with the digital set to arrive on September 17. All three tracks are streaming in full via the player below.