Manchester-based DJ/producer Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) has shared a full stream of his forthcoming LP for R&S, Reality Testing. While his 2012 debut album for the label, Galaxy Garden, was spectral, ravey, and clean to the point of glossy, this new issue is–according to the accompanying interview–a “total reaction against that cleanliness,” saturated and more dense, eschewing rave hardcore stabs and big, shiny chords in favor of the grit and machines-at-work undercurrent that characterizes L.I.E.S. or the new Detroit trinity of Kyle Hall, MGUN, and Jay Daniel. The XLR8Rpodcast alum also notes that his original intent was to do a hip-hop record, and although that doesn’t entirely pan out, the influence is clear. In putting together the album, he revisited an affinity for old skateboarding videos–often soundtracked by iconic ’90s outfits like Wu-Tang or Gang Starr–for inspiration, as well as the dancefloor-ready playgrounds of house and techno.

To accompany the release, due out on June 16, Lone will also premiere a new live show with frequent collaborator Konx-om-Pax in London two days later, which couples the visual artist’s signature animation with raw, real-life footage. All 11 tracks on Reality Testing can be heard below, and the accompanying interview can be found over at Thump.