Set to arrive next week via Ninja Tune, the upcoming full-length album from electronic innovator Martyn can now be streamed in full ahead of its release. Spanning 10 tracks, The Air Between Words is an ambitious undertaking, one that finds the 3024 label boss venturing into a number of different corners of electronic music, incorporating the talents of Four Tet and Inga Copeland (or simply copeland) along the way. On “Glassbeadgames,” Martyn and Four Tet match live, shuffling drums with light keys and wordless vocal samples; on “Empty Mind” and “Like That” Martyn works on his own to plumb the depths of jacking, bass-loaded house; and on tracks like “Drones” and “Two Leads and a Computer” he allows restless synths to lead the way.

Premiered today via THUMP along with a brief interview with the veteran producer, Martyn’s full The Air Between Words LP can be streamed below before it sees an official release on June 16.