The latest release in the RVNG Intl. catalog is by Ethiopian musician Mikael Seifu, entitled Zelalem.

RVNG Intl. is the Brooklyn-based experimental electronic music label, established by Matt Werth back in 2004. Their latest release comes from Mikael Seifu, an Ethiopian producer whose work is best described by the label: “Mikael’s music does not westernize or electronicize extant Ethiopian music. Instead, Seifu uses Ethio-Jazz’s spirit of brewing estranged styles for his own musical tincturing. Seifu’s passion above all else is to create something befitting of its time, yet “eternally Ethiopian.” The latter phrase was the mantra guiding Seifu through the creation of Zelalem, and a source of inspiration for the cover artwork.”

Accompanying the release is a 50-minute cassette mix of native Ethiopian and African folk music compiled by Seifu, which is available to stream exclusively below.

You can purchase Zelalem at the RVNG Intl. Bandcamp.