Bromst took Baltimore DIY king Dan Deacon three long years to complete, and finally, following early December’s initial buzz about the album, Deacon’s dropped the full details on his new full-length.

Besides a previously announced 15-piece band, Bromst features an array of electronic and acoustic instruments that includes nothing less than pianos, live drums, vibraphones, glockenspiels, woodwinds, brass, and much sampling. More importantly, the track “Get Older” is available right now for streaming. The full album drops March 24 on Carpark.

Meanwhile, the end of this month will see the release of a split 12″ Deacon and fellow Baltimore resident Adventure have put together. The single will arrive on January 27 as a limited-edition, vinyl-only release.

01 Build Voice
02 Red F
03 Paddling Ghost
04 Snookered
05 Of The Mountains
06 Surprise Stefani
07 Wet Wings
08 Woof Woof
09 Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life
10 Baltihorse
11 Get Older

Dan Deacon/Adventure Split 12″
Dan Deacon:
01 Get Older
02 Cave Birth

01 Poison Diamonds
02 Lifeguard