For over a decade, Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel “Druzzi” Andruzzi—who make up the house duo Vito & Druzzi—have been romping on stage and creating wildly popular music for the masses. Starting their musical journey as founding members of the post-punk/indie band The Rapture, who are most well known for their hit “Echoes,” Vito & Druzzi have continuously expanded their sonic spectrum, merging their love for disco, house and post-punk music in a unique fashion. Co-founding their own Brooklyn-based label, Throne of Blood, in 2006 has enabled them to further explore their electronic club potential.

Recently, the duo has created two new tracks that are dancefloor ready, featuring the brilliant vocalist Xavier. Rooted in a 90’s house vibe, “It’s EZ” and “Deep Into It” will easily get you deep into whatever club environment you may find yourself in. Vito & Druzzi also took the time to provide XLR8R with some further insight into their newest release: “It’s still a bit scary to put new music out into the world, no matter how many times we’ve done it. And while there is fear, there is also excitement, anticipation and a real happiness to get share a little of what we do with the world outside of the walls of our Greenpoint studio. I guess that that fear keeps it exciting. And that fear is also part of what draws us to work together and collaborate, getting inspired and surprised. We are extrahappy that this first collaboration with our friend Xavier is seeing the light of day.”

You can stream “It’s EZ” below and pre-order a copy of their release by going here.